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Welcome ferret lovers! At The Frettchen, we’re on a mission to educate, support, and connect ferret parents worldwide through AI technology, shared stories, and community. We need your chats, survey details, and feedback to make The Frettchen truly useful for ferret parents! Please start below and message us with any questions.

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The Frettchen does not provide medical advice. You should always consult a licensed veterinarian regarding your ferret’s health. See our disclaimer for details.  If content from The Frettchen is problematic, report it here. Thanks!

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Our Ernie

The little guy that inspired it to happen

Ernie’s spirit and enthusiasm were the driving forces behind this project, reminding us of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead when passion meets technology. We are immensely proud of what we’ve achieved and excited for the future as we continue to explore the vast horizons of AI.

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